About Halls International


Halls International was established in 1975 in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East of England. UK, and we have been proudly serving the food service market ever since.

What we do?

We specialise in showcasing some of the world’s finest manufacturer’s food service equipment, products that are the most up to date, the most innovative and the most competitively priced anywhere on the web.

We showcase an extensive range of cooking equipment, heat lamps, chocolate fountains, glass frosters, refrigeration and freezing equipment to name but a few, from the worlds brand leaders such as – Rational, Imperial, MKN, Hatco, Sephra, Frucosol, Genfrost etc….

We have constant contact with our manufacturers and their developments so that your web browsing experience is an informed and positive one. Products and prices are updated frequently, making sure the information you receive is as accurate as can be.

What makes us stand out?

Well, Halls International has never believed in a sell it and forgets it process. The whole team here at Halls International are passionate and committed to finding the right products for your business. They are approachable, honest and open. We won’t ‘up sell’ because it’s pointless, we want your returning custom!

If you have a problem, we will find you a solution!

All the team at Halls International have extensive and hands-on product knowledge. They will tell you if it won’t work, but they will also guide you through what will work! Simple really.


The whole team at Halls International wish you a pleasurable and informative browse around our website. We are always on hand to help.


JP Halls

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